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I like making fun of Mitt Romney. I make no bones about it, I am a Barack Obama guy.

I also enjoy when other people make fun of Mitt Romney. To me he isn't a real person. He tries to play to the masses but he is so disconnected from anyone who isn't a millionaire that it is awkward yet still hilarious.

This is a funny parody of a Transformer action figure called the Mittformer because he can flip flop on any topic without fail.

Video Added: 2012-10-02
Barack Has 99 Problem But Mitt Ain

Barack Has 99 Problem But Mitt Ain't One.

With the lead up to the election I believe that most people think that it is a forgone conclusion that Barack Obama will be the President for four more years.

This fan video makes no bones about Barack having problems but Mitt Romney isn't one of them.

Video Added: 2012-09-28