WWE Hall of Fame Concept Art

WWE Magazine commissioned Rod Hunt to imagine what the WWE Hall of Fame might look like. The illustration included tributes to the stars of WWE including The Hall of Hogan, The Heartbreak Kid Hotel, Life Size Andre the Giant, Booker T’s Spinarooni, Jerry Lawler’s and Triple H’s Throne Room, Junkyard Dog & Mad Dog Vachon's Dog Pound, The Hart Family Dungeon and much more.

Starting with the original concept sketch:

A glance at the full hall.

Closer look:

The Andre the Giant and Heartbreak Hotel area.

The Hall of Hogan which conveniently is located next door to the American contingent and awkwardly close to Piper's Pit.

A shot of Andre's sideburns, entrance to the American Dreamers and a man either taking a selfie or a shot of HBK's....belt buckle?

Canadian's will have a Hart Attack when they take a trip down memory lane into the Dungeon. Which includes a classic Bret and Owen Hart staredown.

The WWE has a rich history of royalty. Names like Haku, Jim Duggan, and Harley Race all wore the crown within the WWF and they belong alongside Jerry Lawler and Triple H in the Throne Room.

Finally, what kind of attraction would be complete without a merchandise area? This was is aptly named after Sensational Sherry. Also Kudos for the dog pound which features Mad Dog Vachon and the Junk Yard Dog. THUMP!

It has been long rumored that a physical Hall of Fame would be built much like the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

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Article Added: 2014-03-13

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