Workplace Bullying

Bullying is not just a schoolyard problem.

In fact, one of the most fascinating cases of bullying in recent memory involves two NFL players.

Sure the case of the beefed up football star picking on somebody is how many Hollywood superhero movies begin, but the victim in this story isn't exactly your prototypical target.

This is Jonathon Martin.
He's 6'5", over 300 lbs, was a second draft pick, a current NFL football player and he is a victim of workplace bullying.

Enter: Richie Incognito.
6'3", weighing over 300lbs, and he is an alleged workplace bully.

Over the course of two years it is alleged that Incognito has been bullying Martin. It came to a boiling point last week when Martin walked out on the team.

But the team nor the league did anything about it until transcripts from text messages and voice mails were given to officials.

Incognito's harassment dates back to his college days. A former teammate of his, David Kolowski talked to USA TODAY about a similar incident where Incognito went after a teammate named Jack Limbaugh for no apparent reason,

"Richie was a guy who came in with all the talent in the world, and Jack was an easy mark for a guy like Richie, who came across as a bully. Jack was a walk-on just trying to make the team. There was a bit of that kind of bullying with Jack. He didn't appreciate it, but in that culture you don't run and cry to the coaches."

Incognito's fanfare in the NFL isn't exclusive to his poor treatment of just his teammates but across the whole league. In 2009, he was named the league's dirtiest player as voted by the players.

You can see the "tumultuous timeline of Richie Incognito" here.

Former NFL defensive end Lawrence Jackson weighs in on his feelings.

On the flip side of it though, he was the co-winner of the Dolphins' Good Guy Award, given to the team's most cooperative player by the local media.

After reviewing the transcripts the Miami brass have suspended Incognito indefinitely and it is believed that the Dolphins are just going through a protocol and are all but done with him.

When asked about Incognito's chances of being picked up by another team, an unnamed NFL official responded,

"I think he can file his retirement papers."

Incognito has responded on Twitter with these wise words:

To add to this bizarre story it is believed that Incognito's Dad, Richie Sr. has potentially taken a Rob Ford-esque maneuver in defending his son on Dolphins message boards.

If there is any light at the end of this tunnel it would be from Dolphins tight end Michael Egnew.

He is the another player who also has fallen prey to an Incognito prank.

When asked about Martin returning Egnew responded,

"I can only answer for myself, and yes, I would (welcome Martin back to the team)"

Article Added: 2013-11-05

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