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In a "slow news day" story,

Seattle-based "walkability" ranking company Walk Score has released it's coveted MOST walkable cities in Canada.

According to Walk Score co-found, walkability is based on two things: whether most of the development happened before everyone owned a car, and whether the area has natural barriers like water that inhibit sprawl to make cities more dense and walkable.

Based on that fact, congratulations Vancouver you are the most walkable city in Canada.

In all seriousness, the website actually does do their due diligence as they scout over 10,00 neighborhoods in over 3,000 cities in Australia, Canada and the US.

With their score of 78, Vancouver ranks forth behind New York, San Fran and Boston as the most walkable cities in North America.

Top Ten Walkable Cities in Canada:
1.) Vancouver, BC - 78 points - Very Walkable
2.) Victoria, BC - 77.7 points - Very Walkable
3.) Toronto, Ontario - 71.4 points - Very Walkable
4.) Halifax, Nova Scotia - 70.5 points - Very Walkable
5.) Montreal, Quebec - 70.4 points - Very Walkable
6.) Burnaby, BC - 63.6 points - Somewhat Walkable
7.) Mississauga - 58.6 points - Somewhat Walkable
8.) Longueuil, Quebec - 56.4 points - Somewhat Walkable
9.) Yellowknife, Northwest Territories - 56.2 points - Somewhat Walkable
10.) Richmond, BC - 55.1 points - Somewhat Walkable

Article Added: 2013-11-26

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