Survey Says: Regretful Tattoos & Time Wasting

You're going to regret that:
A new survey by reveals that 15% of people regret getting a tattoo. Other findings:

- 33% of people think their tatt will look awful when they are older

- 50% of people think their tatts could hold them back in their career

- 12% of people say celebrities were the inspiration for their tattoos

- 16% of people say people with tattoos are seen as more likely to have one-night stands.

- 48% of people say their parents objected to their first tattoo

- 20% of people hid a tatt from their parents

- 13% of people have covered up tattoos with make-up because they didn't want an employer to see them.

Wasting time at work:
A new survey by reveals that surfing Google is the biggest time waster at work (24%). Other findings:

- Surfing Facebook is the second biggest time waster at work (23%)

- 89% of employees waste time on a daily basis. That's up 20% from last year

- employees who work in finance and banking waste the most time

Article Added: 2014-04-02

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