MMA News: July 30th, 2013

Starting off with a castaway who is trying to wiggle his way back into the UFC.

It's been over two years since we last saw Paul Daley fight in the octagon.

After losing a bout to Josh Koschek at UFC 113 Daley was immediately terminated for his sucker punch.

Following the event Dana White made his position quite clear,
"I don't care if he fights in every show all over the world and becomes the best and everybody thinks he's the pound-for-pound best in the world -- he will never fight in the UFC ever again. He's done."

Daley has recently revealed that he would like to comeback to the world's largest fight promotion,
"Of course I want to return I would be lying if i said I didn’t want to return to UFC. I definitely want to return. The whole being banned from UFC hurt a little bit. I felt it wasn't the greatest way the situation could have been handled."

In true Dana White fashion, he has stood firm on his stance, although surprisingly with minimal cuss words,
"Yeah, it's just a bad taste in my mouth, man. It doesn't happen in the UFC. You don't go up and… Listen, you just had 15 minutes to punch this kid in the face. You're going to punch him in the face when the fight's over? Two different worlds, man. You had 15 minutes inside this sport to do it. After that bell, it's assault."

White was open-ended on whether he would give Daley a second chance,
"I thought he hated this place, I don't know, man. I don't think so. I heard he couldn't get a visa and they're real strict here now on visas. I thought he hated UFC and said he'd never want to come back here and never wanted to fight here again. What changed?"

But Daley is hoping that time heals all wounds, especially this one.

Daley has gone undefeated since entering the Bellator fight promotion.

-Moving to the light heavyweight division now,

Glover Teixeira has been taking over the LW division for the past year and in doing so has won over a lot of fans.

One of them being LW contender Lyoto Machida. Machida believes that Teixeira could be the next champion saying,
"I think Glover, he's great technique, he's a very strong guy. He's training to fight and he can beat Jon Jones one day. He's good. He's difficult to take him down, he defends all the time and good cardio too. I think Glover can beat Jon Jones."

Lyoto is looking to take the number one contender's spot all to himself this weekend when he takes on Phil Davis in the co-main event at UFC 163 this Saturday.

-Tito Ortiz has responded to Dana White's criticism.

But this is nothing new, Tito and Dana have been fighting for years.

-Back to the welterweight division,

Kingpin Georges St. Pierre has finally weighed in on Weidman shocking the world.
Georges takes a not so surprising stance on Anderson's pain,
"I'm sad for Anderson ... It makes you remember every time that even the best can lose. One mistake can change everything. For me, I take that as a wake up a little bit. It can happen to me, as well. I'm a champion and I can lose.... It's when you don't see it coming. You never know what can happen. The moment someone seems invincible, sometimes that's when they fail. It's a crazy sport that we're into. One mistake can change everything. I believe there's no certainty. There's never a certainty. This thing happened, and it shakes you up a little bit and makes you [think], 'Shoot, this thing can happen to me.' But, I don't want it to happen to me, so I'm going to work hard."

It's interesting to note that GSP did predict that Weidman would win.

Georges could be feeling Anderson's pain because he was on the wrong end of the biggest upset in UFC history at UFC 69 in April 2007.
-Finally, you know you've made it to super stardom once you get crazy fans.

That is exactly where Ronda Rousey is at. One fan recently got a tattoo of the Bantamweight star.

See how the picture stacks up against the real thing.

Rousey continues to break new ground. She will be on the cover of the September issue of Maxim magazine.

The "Rowdy" one has been busy not only on the beach but inside the octagon. She is currently filming the latest season of the Ultimate Fighter opposite Miesha Tate.

The two are set to rematch at UFC 168 in December.

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