MLB Ump Comes Out Quietly

Three World Series, three All-Star games, six league championship series, and now the limelight.

Dale Scott has been an umpire for 29 years and has been happily married to his husband Michael Rausch for 28 of them.

Scott was the subject of a biographical piece written for Referee Magazine.

But that November 2014 article was just the beginning of the recognition that the MLB vet would receive.

In an interview with Out Scott came out and although it is a big deal, it really isn't that big of a deal.

"This is not a surprise to Major League Baseball, the people I work for. It’s not a surprise to the umpire staff. Until Mike and I got married last November, he was my same-sex domestic partner and had his own MLB I.D. and was on my insurance policy."

Scott felt is was important to share his love life because it very much intertwines with his pro-career,

"my thought process was, is that there's a story about my career and how I got started in umpiring and they're talking to people I have known since junior high and it didn't seem right to have a whole story and pictures without a picture of Mike and I, someone who's been with me through this entire process. We met the October after my first year in the big leagues."

(photo courtesy of Out Sports)

Previously Commissioner Bud Selig announced that Billy Bean would be the first ambassador for inclusion in MLB.

His job,

"will provide guidance and training related to efforts to support those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community throughout Major League Baseball. He will work with Major and Minor League Clubs to encourage equal opportunity in accordance with the joint MLB-MLBPA Workplace Code of Conduct."

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Article Added: 2014-12-02

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