LeBron Set to Act

Forget the NBA MVP award, LeBron has landed something that Kevin Durant hasn't and I'm not talking championships.

The Hollywood Reporter has said that LeBron James has scooped himself a role in Judd Apatow's latest movie Trainwreck.

The movie is set to star Amy Schumer and Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader and will be under the Universal banner. Also interesting to note that Universal recently acquired the rights to a movie based on LBJ's high school days.

Trainwreck will also feature the guaranteed Oscar-performance from Method Man.

James is going to be busy as he is set to star in Kevin Hart's basketball comedy Ballers where Lebron is Hart's older more established brother.

TMZ asked Hart if the Miami Heat star could act and he responded,

"LeBron James can do whatever he wants to do. You want to know why? LeBron James is a self-made man, so I think he can."

These aren't the first films James has been linked to just a few months ago he was attached to Space Jam 2 but that was quickly debunked.

Trainwreck is set to release July 2015, Ballers has yet to be announced, and Space Jam doesn't even have a script yet.

You can see LeBron's acting resume on IMDB.

Article Added: 2014-05-08

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