Kim Kardashian Entering Politics?

When you think Kim Kardashian do you think politics?

Well that might be the case in the future. In an unaired clip from season two of "Khloe & Lamar" she revealed that she would be interested in running for Mayor of Glendale. It wouldn't be right away she needs time to set up her campaign and all of that jazz.

You might be thinking, why Glendale? And believe it or not it isn't just because of the weather and old people.

Kim says, "Because it's. like, Armenian town." The Kardashian family is of Armenian descent and believe it or not she is actually correct. Glendale is home to one of the largest Armenian communities outside of Armernia.

It isn't that far off having her as Mayor considering, Clint Eastwood was Mayor of a town in Cali and who can forget Arnold as the Governator?

It's been confirmed, the Kardashians have officially taken over the world.

Article Added: 2012-04-17

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