Hidden Dangers of Mustaches!

You may think that the growing a mustache during November is a noble cause and all your doing is raising money for prostate cancer awareness whilst looking like an awesome '70's porn king.

Well you'd be correct at least about the porn king part. But what you may not know is that mustaches are bacterial sponges.

CBC scientist Michael Bhardwaj says,

"While that may seem well and good, scientists have proven that scrubbing that 'stache may not be enough to prevent the spread of disease."

Microbiologist asked the question, "is a mustache a breeding ground for bacteria?"

After two months of growing their mustaches the two men spread their upper lip with a non-infectious bacteria and plotted the growth. With continual and routine cleaning they swabbed their hairy caterpillar on their upper lip and found that although the majority of the bacteria died there was still some leftover.

So are mustaches dangerous? Potentially! The researcher blames the location. Think of all the things that come in and out of your nose and mouth.

Bhardwaj says,

"What's more, your mustache lives in a microclimate of warm, moist, steamy air exhaled by your nose and mouth … the perfect environment for most microbes."

If you're to take anything from this, clean your 'stache thoroughly, deep inside the hair, as well as all over the surrounding skin area.

Speaking of bacteria you can make your own name here

Article Added: 2012-11-17

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