Big Brother is Watching Spring Break

Spring Breakers and really any one who is going on a vacation beware!

Earth Cam, the global leader in providing webcam content delivering millions of images daily has confirmed that they will be watching.

They have their Spring Break cameras set up in Myrtle Beach, South Padre Island, South Beach, Cancun, Waikiki, Baja, Mexico, Vegas, Panama City, Daytona Beach and Puerto Rico.

The Spring Break Cams provide up-close and unique views from some of the most popular Spring Break destinations in the United States. The cameras which are free to access will allow family members, loved ones, and employers to tune in and watch exactly how Spring Breakers are letting loose for their one week break.

The EarthCam press release reads,:

"For a classic dose of Spring Break revelry, watch the bikini contests and partying college students through webcams at Louie's Backyard in South Padre Island and Adobe Gila's in Daytona Beach. Those looking for a break from the party scene can enjoy beautiful, live sunsets over Venice Beach's horizon or watch surfers catching some waves at Laguna Beach."

You can see some of the cameras from Miami.

Article Added: 2014-03-18

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