70-Year-Old Virgin Wants to Have S3X

A woman in England who has been a virgin for 70-years has decided she's had enough.

Pam Shaw who has never been married nor had kids has been waiting around for mister right her whole life.

She's decided to ditch that idea and look for a quickie.

Pam says, "I'm loads of fun and have bundles of energy. I go to salsa and Zumba classes every week and have loads of friends. I like to think I'd be a real catch."

And although she is in her 70's and is ready to get freaky she still is hopeful, "I'm ready to take the plunge for the right bloke. My standards are still very high. I'm hoping to bag a millionaire with tall, dark and handsome good looks."

Good luck to her.

Article Added: 2012-05-11

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