50 Years in the Making

February 1st is the 50th anniversary of the first number one hit for the Beatles.

The Beatles scored their first number one single on the ``Billboard'' Hot 100 chart. On February 1st, 1964 `"I Want to Hold Your Hand" started what would be dubbed Beatlemania.

In fact they would have three number one hits in a row including the aforementioned "I Want to Hold Your Hand," "She Loves You" and "Can't Buy Me Love" also topping the charts.

In keeping with the celebrate the Beatles theme going on, "The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles" will take place on February 9th.

This event will commemorate 50 years since the Fab Four went on air for the first time in North America. That first appearance was on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Article Added: 2014-02-01

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