5 Things We Learned From the Walking Dead

Make no bones about it, I love the Walking Dead. One of my biggest concerns is when they start to lay out the plot and seldom do we see zombies being extinguished. This was not the case as roughly 150 walkers weren't able to walk after this episode ends.

Here are the top 5 things we learned form the first episode of season three.

1) Carl will be AWESOME: much like in the graphic novel, Carl turns into a bad ass character with his Dad's cowboy hat. He can shoot, he looks confident and it looks like he is trying to score with a 20-year-old. Got to love it.

2) The Lori character is the worst. Even Sarah Wayne Callies who plays Lori thinks she should die. And an interesting subplot was added. Could the baby be a walker? Will it turn Lori into a walker? Will Lori try and eat the baby? All fascinating things we need to watch for.

3) The Rick-ta-torship is GOOD! In the finale of season two Rick said, "this will no longer be a democracy!" No kidding, he has taken control and it seems to be working. He talked in previous episodes about how difficult it is living in the Atlanta-area in the winter time. But somehow he has made his group live and work through it, even though he has a dumb pregnant wife.

4) The Prison. If you haven't read the graphic novel or even heard about it. Well the prison is an awesome set up for many plot points. We will meet the Governor and see how the Others live inside the prison. I can't wait to see how these two factions will try and coexist. Because we know it won't work.

5) The two coolest parts of the show this week was simply Micchone who is the unnamed character in the black hood who walks around with two zombies who can't attack her and works zombies over with a katana. The second highlight would definitely be Hershel getting bit and subsequently get part of his leg chopped off by Rick! What the hell right?

Tune in next week at 9:00pm on AMC!

Article Added: 2012-10-15

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